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PostSubject: Minotaur Horn   Minotaur Horn I_icon_minitime8/24/2012, 2:51 pm

Ok, here is what Wiki says about this farm;
Leave Heroes' Audience and head to the northeast teleporter, along the most straightforward route there will be just 2 popups of Jade Scarabs and Rockshot Devourers. Use the teleporter to cross and follow the path to get all the Minotaur groups, including 2 bosses. The Minotaurs sometimes fight groups of Jade Scarabs, so do not wait too long before engaging these groups after spotting them or they may die before you get there. The farm is relatively safe and mostly consists of Minotaurs if you stick to the path, but you will encounter some popups of Jade Scarabs and Rockshot Devourers. An average run yields approximately 5 Minotaur Horns.

O....kay   scratch
There are alot of problems with Wikis farm route, and they all stem from where u start from...
Leave Heroes' Audience and head to the northeast teleporter, along the most straightforward route there will be just 2 popups of Jade Scarabs and Rockshot Devourers.
is wrong.
This statement is wrong in every way imaginable. First off u shouldnt be leaving from Heroes' Audience, u should be leaving from Augury Rock. But if u were to leave from Heroes' Audience (which most characters don't even fucking have for the obvious reason that u dont fucking need that outpost to do the deserts' main objective) u could potentially fight more than just 2 pop up groups of Jade Scarabs and Rockshot Devourers. You could also be fighting Sand Elementals. And when u are activating the teleporter, fucking Scarabs and Devourers and Elementals (O my!) up ur ass will make things difficult if u are doing the farm solo (which u should be).
Leave from Augury rock

This way u will get ALL of the Minotaur groups, rather than most of them Wiki's way. U will have a couple foes to dispatch before u get to the 1st group and by a "couple" i mean 2.
After them head north from the rez shrine there towards the north Teleporter. Btw, this farms' "boundaries" will be between all the Teleporters in general, so its easy to get a clear view of the farm.
The next set will be slightly to your right (east). After them u will see Storm Kin, here is one boundary, so head west-northwest just below the northern Teleporter.
The next set of groups will have a boss with it, the only thing of note here is watch conditioning Cootle Sizzlehorn (especially if using Burning from the builds below), he uses Plague Touch and will just pass the condition back to u.
Go around the big, brown rock and head south to the next group and kill the lone Devourer there, just watch out for his D-Shot. Any Scarab Nest Builders u face use D-Shot and also use Traps. The Marrow Scarabs are necros and are of no real concern, unless u have a condition (like from a Trap, then they will Virulence ur ass).
O, Look  Shocked  another Teleporter. [and Nick]
So, stay under it and head west.
From here u are in the main Minotaur Stomping Grounds, just head out slightly further west, to the south and the south east, staying within the boundaries of the Teleporters.

There are a few things of note here besides the Traps u may accidentally set off;
1) The Minotaurs have Wary Stance so Physical Damage builds aren't recommended.
2) Minotaurs have a huge patrol range so its possible to miss a group or 2 of the more mobile sets.
3) Be wary of the Hydra boss and its group, its patrol range is massive, and its capability to kill u is likewise massive.
4) It isn't Jade Scarabs that pop up here like Wiki says, it's the 2 types of scarabs i mentioned above. However if u do get any Jade Mandibles that the Scarabs in the area may drop save them for Nick, he will want them at a later date

Generally any build that doesn't rely on purely Physical Damage will do alright here.
SoS solo is, as usual, a way to go except that it is Physical damage, although from several targets, it still makes the farm slower. But if u are intent on using it bring Shadowsong to blind the Minotaurs and Devourers.
A better option is this:

Fire Magic:12+1+1
Air Magic:6 (+1)
Water Magic:5 (no rune)
Energy Storage:10+1
>Fire Attunement
>Elemental Lord
>Aura of Restoration
>Lava Font
>Flame Burst

Whirlwind is Air Magic and Steam is Water Magic. Whirlwind is more to keep them KD'd in Lavafont than to do any massive damage alone. Steam is obviously to blind, more to blind the Devourers with D-shot than the Minotaurs.
Lava Font, Flame Burst and Whirlwind do not require targets and have short recharge times and can be used solely to heal yourself if u are in a pinch via Aura and Lord if need be. Aura, Lord and Attunement can also be used for the same purpose provided they are already up when they are re-cast.
This build should be used primarily as a Point Blank AoE damage build would be used, which wont be an issue with the Minotaurs since they are straight melee, but with the Devourers and their Traps it requires a degree of caution. As with all PB-AoE style builds your main equipment should be a sword or axe with a shield for melee range targeting.
This build has no IMS, however if u feel u really need/want one, to chase Minotaurs or whatever, just use a Birthday Cupcake rather than subbing out any of the skills, but if u don't have any Cupcakes and still wish to have an IMS sub out Steam and put your Water Magic Points into Air Magic (giving u an 8 Air Magic).

All told, using this build and farm pattern the farm takes about 15-20 minutes and yields 5-10 Horns per run (which is more than wiki states, another "error"). I did 4 runs and got 9, 5, 6 and 10, for an average of 7.5 per run

And there is ur farm flower

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Minotaur Horn
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