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 Jade Bracelet

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PostSubject: Jade Bracelet   Jade Bracelet I_icon_minitime8/24/2012, 2:50 pm

Here Wiki recommends going into the Tahnnakai Temple (explorable area) from Zin Ku Corridor to farm the Jade Brotherhood, because it is all Jade Brotherhood and the Traveler is there this week.
And this is all well and fucking good if u want to fight massive mobs of Jade Brotherhood along with a few Temple fucking Guardians for the fuck of it. You and ur mad mob full party of jolly fucking 7 heroes fucking ur personal drop rate. For fuck sake,wiki may as well had told u to go into Nahpui Quarter's EA to the mass, over-lapping mobs that are there... they are all Jade Brotherhood too, or have sent u to Xaquang Skyway for the same shit.
As always, almost always i should say, there is an easier way.

So do yourself a favor... while u will need to go into this hellhole (that being Tahnnakai's EA) anyway and will likely get 1-4 Bracelets on ur way to Nick, u should just solo (SoS is fine here using Shadow song to blind warriors) the Jade Brotherhood in Pongmei Valley, leaving from Maatu Keep.

Just enter the valley and head left (that's east) and pick them off in small groups to get ur bracelets without having to call in the national fucking guard. There are larger groups and a pop-up group area with a boss but nothing u cant handle as a SoS solo. There are also more groups in the northeastern area with the "sewage" and up the hill beyond that (also with a boss).

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Jade Bracelet
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