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PostSubject: Pillaged Good   Pillaged Good I_icon_minitime7/30/2012, 3:32 pm

There are a total of TWO items that the Traveler will ask for that aren't worth your time
1)Pillaged Goods
2)Roaring Ether Hearts
With #2 they will give u plenty of their Claws, but never their hearts, how shitty and romantically shitty.
When the hearts of the Roaring Ether come up, u will see a message like this, like the one i am authoring now.

Here is why it isn't worth it to farm...more like TRY to farm the Pillaged Goods......
Well, for one, the wiki info is shit on this subject, it directs u to farm an even WORSE place than the one that i would farm them in (which is the Mines area, which still is shit)
The drop rate is looooooooooooooooooooow, even though wiki says its not an uncommon item
If it doesnt drop....its uncommon.
And it doesnt drop...their Bull Trainer Jaws will drop though, just not Pillaged goods, which is wtf u need

In short u could take the 10 hours u will need to farm the 5 of them, in maybe 10 hours, but in 10 hours (no exaggeration btw) u can fucking Feather Farm 120-150k easy, it IS NOT WORTH IT to waste your playing time to farm these
Like i said, this is one of two items that just ARE NOT WORTH YOUR TIME
Take the week off Smile

And that's all I have to say for the week.
Take care,

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Pillaged Good
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