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PostSubject: Feathered Caromi Scalp   Feathered Caromi Scalp I_icon_minitime7/23/2012, 1:32 pm

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a War in Kryta quest active you WILL affect the spawns in some of the areas (however, not Stingray Stand) where u will find Caromi Tengu, not to mention, you will populate the entire area you are in with a variety of 20th level assholes u don't want to deal with solo. So either finish or abandon any existing WiK quests u have BEFORE u start farming.

>Stingray Strand
This is one of the few areas in Kryta which has no changes during the War in Kryta storyline. So, yes, that's right, just forget all the other locations u can find Caromi, this is the best and fastest place to farm the Scalps
However, if u can't get there try...
>North Kryta Province
There are also alot of Caromi here, but u will be chasing after them as it is a large area and they are spread out throughout it.

The Stingray Strand Farm
First off don't leave from Sanctum Cay (unless u want to fuck with alot of pissed off Fire Imps and Skale, then by all means, do so), leave from Fisherman's Haven in to Stingray Strand. Once u get into the area u will 1st have to fight a small group of Skale (REMEMBER: they can't hex your spirits with their hexes-spirits aren't "alive and fleshy" and u are-so they will hex u only, and because of that don't attack them physically, they have Price of Failure skill and when u attack them and miss u will take damage)
After that u will have a 2nd group of Skale to fight in the same fashion before u can actually get underway with the actual farm that u need
Make a left after u finish with this second group. On your left u will start to see Caromi, on your right u will see 1 or 2 groups of Skale with a Drake. take out at least one of the groups of Skale on the right, they will just get in your way later. Now u can start the farm  Very Happy
BTW, save any Bog Skale Fins u get. Even though the Traveler has already asked for Herring (requiring 5 Bog Skale Fins each to "craft") he will also eventually ask for Bog Skale Fins themselves
Kill the Caromi group on your left, with whom there is also a boss (big fat hairy fucking deal  Razz ), then double back since beyond them there are MORE Skale and some Fire Imps, none of which u can avoid to continue so just double back. You wuill be able to get the Caromi group and its boss that lies beyond them at the end of the run
Doubling back u will see a Caromi group to your north, u know what to do. There is no more need to go north beyond that, there are no other Caromi up there, just Aloe and Oakhearts, so proceed south west now
Occasionally throughout the farm u will encounter pop-ups of Aloe, and yes it seems, though unaffiliated with one another they will heal the Caromi. They do drop Abnormal Seeds though (as do the Oakhearts), which are also on the list of Traveler items yet to be called for.
Basically what u will be doing throughout the farm is running counter-clockwise around the lake. You will know if u have gone too far south when u start seeing larger (5-6 members) groups of Fire Imps.
And from there go east around the lake.
Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how u look at it), throughout the rest of this farm to get the last few groups that remain u WILL need to deal with and kill (don't try to spirit drop and run past) a few Fire Imp (who drop Glowing hearts that the Traveler will eventually want) groups and a few Skale groups some with and others without a Drake (who drop Spiked Crests, yet another item the Traveler will ask for later).
All told, in a full run u will encounter 1 Caromi boss of each class, which alternate between possible boss locations.
A run takes approximately 20 minutes (without an IMS (Increased Movement Speed), which u may wish to bring to make the run faster) here and yields about 10-12 Scalps per run. So at most u will need to do 1.5 runs to get the 15 Scalps u need (30 minutes at most).  

This place is a veritable paradise full of items for the Traveler;
Caromi=Feathered Caromi Scalps
Large Spined Aloe=Abnormal Seeds
Oakheart=Abnormal Seeds
Fire Imp=Glowing Hearts
Skale (All)=Bog Skale Fin
Drake=Spiked Creasts
In reality every foe u encounter here drops something the Traveler will need in the future, except the Feathered Caromi Scalps, which he wants now. So don't complain too much about the Imp between u and the Caromi, later on it will likely be the Caromi between u and the Imp.  Razz  

Just use an SoS solo build with Shadowsong to Blind the Rangers and Warriors. Also, keep in mind that the Caromi Mesmers can and will interrupt you. They can also remove enchantments.
Example Build
>Painful Bond
>Blood Song (always choose this spirit over the Pain spirit whenever u have to make that choice (like when u NEED to take Shadowsong, Dissonance or Disenchantment, since Bloodsong is a self-heal spirit it will live longer)
>Shadowsong (important vs the Warriors and the Rangers, can't hit what u can't see after all)
>Signet of Spirits (ofc)
>Spirit Light (since they aren't using conditions on you you will be able to get better self-healing with Spirit Light AND use less points in Restoration)
>Armor of Unfeeling (necessary as with any SoS solo farm vs anything above level 10)
>Summon Spirits (using your highest Luxon or Kurzick rank if u have the skill from both factions )

CAROMI (Tengu)
It is important to note, which is why i listed their Armor Ratings below, that all Caromi Tengu, as well as Avicara Tengu (unlike the Angchu and Sensali Tengu in the Factions campaign or the Quetzal Tengu of the Eye of the North Expansion) are extremely vulnerable to Lightning damage as listed below (Caromi Tengu have -20 Armor vs Lightning, Avarica Tengu are even worse with a -39 Armor vs Lightning).

Warriors (Axe Wielding)
Skills: Defensive Stance, Swift Chop
Caromi Tengu Brave (Level 12)
Armor=90 vs Physical Damage, 70 vs all Elements , except Lightning (Armor 50)
Caromi Tengu Elite (Level 18)
Armor=108 vs Physical Damage, 88 vs all Elements , except Lightning (Armor 68)

Warriors (Sword Wielding)
Skills: Riposte, Seeking Blade
Caromi Tengu Brave (Level 13)
Armor=91 vs Physical Damage, 71 vs all Elements , except Lightning (Armor 51)
Caromi Tengu Elite (Level 18)
Armor=108 vs Physical Damage, 88 vs all Elements , except Lightning (Armor 68)

Skills: Point Blank Shot, Read the Wind, Tiger's Fury
Caromi Tengu Fierce (Level 17)
Armor=61 vs Physical Damage, 91 vs all Elements , except Lightning (Armor 51)
Caromi Tengu Scout (Level 13)
Armor=50 vs Physical Damage, 80 vs all Elements , except Lightning (Armor 40)

Skills: Conjure Phantasm, Cry of Frustration, Shatter Enchantment
Caromi Tengu Seer (Level 17)
Armor=51 Physical Damage, 51 vs all Elements , except Lightning (Armor 31)
Caromi Tengu Wild (Level 12)
Armor=37 vs Physical Damage, 37 vs all Elements , except Lightning (Armor 17)

And just like the important note above, it is possible that Nickolas will not spawn in North Kryta Province as he is listed to do while u have active WiK stuff going on.
OK...I just checked with WiK shit active, he does spawn. So there u be  Very Happy

see u next week,

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Feathered Caromi Scalp
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