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PostSubject: Stone Carving   Stone Carving I_icon_minitime7/17/2012, 5:45 pm

Stone Carvings are only dropped by the creatures in the Echovald Forest in Factions, such as, but not limited to THESE four;
Craw Stonereap....Necromancer BOSS (Level 28)
Mahr Stonebreaker...Warrior BOSS (Level 28)
Meril Stoneweaver....Monk BOSS (Level 28)
Zarnas Stonewrath ...Elemetalist BOSS (Level 28)

anyone else noticing a pattern here?
all jokes aside here are the other four non-BOSS Stone foes u may have to face depending on the farming route you choose;
Stone Crusher (Warror Level 23)
Stone Rain (Air Elementalist Level 23)
Stone Reaper (Curse Necromancer Level 24
Stone Soul (Smiter Monk Level 24)

For the most part u shouldn't have too much trouble here actually
You can use an SoS Solo Build and just do runs through the western side of Arborstone (explorable area)
Each run takes 4-5 minutes and u will just be fighting the 3 bosses and 1 group of Wardens
You will generally 1 Stone Carving per run on average (if u get lucky sometimes the bosses will drop 2)
Remember u need Stone CARVINGS which are trophies, the creatures can also drop Stone REMNANTS which are salvage items and which u don't need

The exact Solo solo build i used as far as skills go was this:
>Painful Bond
>Blood Song (always choose this spirit over the Pain spirit whenever u have to make that choice (like when u NEED to take Shadowsong, Dissonance or Disenchantment, since Bloodsong is a self-heal spirit it will live longer)
>Shadowsong (important vs the Warden Warriors and the Rangers, can't hit what u can't see after all)
>Signet of Spirits (DUH, ofc lol)
>Mend Body and Soul (vs the just so jolly cluster fuck of annoying conditions from the Wardens)
>Armor of Unfeeling (necessary as with any SoS solo farm vs anything above level 10)
>Summon Spirits (using your highest Luxon or Kurzick rank if u have the skill from both factions )
Optionally: You could replace Shadowsong with Disenchantment, for one it actually does base damage (unlike Shadowsong) and for two it will be more of a help against the Bosses, since at least the Elemental one and the Monk one use enchantments, the choice here is up to u.

Leave from Altumm Ruins and go into the Arborstone Explorable Area
Get the shrine blessing if u want (it makes it easier to do this farm with the +3 health regen from the blessing, HOWEVER if u want to do that trick at the end of the run (listed below) u will respawn at the kurz shrine and not at the one near the traveler)

From the shrine take a hard left so u don't run the risk of aggo'ing the other Warden groups in the area
when u get close to them just drop your spirits, and Painful Bond the group
it doesn't take them too long to die Razz
You will get hit with the traps/spirit traps they leave behind, giving u alot of conditions..several times over at that, and those being: cripple (so fucking annoying, cripple is Mad ) and bleeding and piercing damage and whatever, which is why u will want to bring Mend Body and Soul as your self-heal.

Now u be coming up on the 1st boss, the Necro one, he isn't any challenge and he is alone, as all 3 of these bosses will be (NOTE: You CAN'T hex spirits with life-based damage hexes... and neither can his stupid ass Razz , so all u have to do is stand within your spirit group and wand him and occasionally heal yourself, since he will only try to hex you)

Next u have the Ele boss, he likes to spam Stone Daggers, and that's about all he does, that and hit u with Gust for a KD since u are moving to avoid the Stone Daggers he flings like the fucking Mad Hater flung his cards
scratch  Shocked
<sigh> that's the Mad Hater from "Alice in Wonderland" for those of u who didn't get that reference
Basically the tactic here to take is Cover, either wrap him behind a pillar or hide yourself behind one and let him Stone fucking Daggers his stone fucking heart out at a wall Cool

Now u just need to keep following the path before u till u see the monk boss and just kill her with a Summon Spirit THEN Painful Bond attack combo in that order (she can remove the Painful Bond hex u cast on her with Smite Hex, but she is too busy healing herself from the damage from your six spirits to do that often)

rinse and repeat till done
thats all Smile

An added time-saving tip btw, after u kill the 3rd boss and u have all the Stone Carvings u need just walk down to the Wardens below,  Twisted Evil Tell them that their mama's we're all Dredges and their Daddies were all Dwarves Twisted Evil (or something like that, "themz fightum wurdz" to a Warden) and let them kick your ass ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way to FORWARD to the respawn shrine right near to where the traveler is Cool WITH no more foes to face
NOTE: But as i said this WILL NOT work if u get the shrine blessing from the kurz priest at start...since he wants your soul  Twisted Evil

NOTE: u can opt for a larger run, which means killing the Wardens listed above then killing 3 more smaller groups in the south (along the stairs BEHIND where u would get the Urn of Saint Vicktor) and then hitting the Warrior boss (Mahr Stonebreaker) up by where the 1st Oni ambush is during the Arborstone mission. Pull him btw, u will set off the Statues with him if u dont.
And thats my point.
From here on out u can get the statues to become enemies (like the Stone Rains and such). Kill the group at the warrior boss, then head to the bridge just past that for another (smaller) group. Then go back the way u came. At every boss spot there is now a Stone Somethings group. Also many of these groups can be separated by pulling, giving u fewer foes to fight all at once.


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Stone Carving
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