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 [CRAB] Progress Post #2

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Boss Crab

[CRAB] Progress Post #2 Empty
PostSubject: [CRAB] Progress Post #2   [CRAB] Progress Post #2 I_icon_minitime7/6/2012, 11:33 pm

UpDate: mid April 2012
....The Prophecies that eventually created Factions in the Eye of the North that started a War in Kryta and brought about a Wind of Change in the Heart of the North weren't written in a single Nightfall....

Oh. What I fucking mean to fucking say is after 2 and 1/2 fucking years of fucking telling us "soon", they have finally fucking released fucking Guild Wars 2

Which slows things down for us in GW1,
at least on the weekends when people can actually play their pre-purchased BETA GW2.
But I suppose that is happening to all guilds and alliances in some ways,
but none of us live in a vacuum.....
And this same change to our game is the very change that has brought us players returning to the game after long absences as well as players who literally just bought the game a month ago.

[CRAB] itself, as a guild is larger than it has been for quite some time,
generally hovering in the mid-thirties insofar as its membership goes
Hell, I actually may try and double that over the rest of the month,
may as well,
even though GW2 is "out"
I see no reason to end my 4 year "career" in GW1 Evil or Very Mad

not yet anyway Twisted Evil
(and yes there WILL be a [CRAB] in GW2, sooner or later)

The CRAB POWA! Alliance is also smaller now.
But is more versatile.
So btw, all of the guilds listed below actively recruit members.
So if you see a guild in the list that suits you
send me a PM in game at one of my IGN's listed below
And i will put you in touch with someone in that guild who can hook you up.
Presently we have....

>an Alliance Battles guild (Crimson Massacre [CRS])
made up of mainly Western European members

>a Jade Quarry/Fort Aspenwood guild (Dawns Killer[DNK])
who are Australian and (West Coast) American

>a PvX guild (Forgotten Knights Of The Shadow [FKTS])
North American, including Canadian

>a PvX guild (Nightfallen Soldiers Of Grenth [LEET])
mainly American

>a PvX guild (The Wombats [UK])
obviously mainly European, hence their tag

>An [Underworld] Farming Guild (Ecto Collecters That Oblitrate[ECTO])
anywhere there are ectos Wink

>and then there is us, Clan Of The Crab [CRAB]
also PvX, and doing just about everything
Our members are spread out all over the world map Very Happy
We are an International guild, and i like to keep it that way, recruiting at different times through out the day to insure that we stay as diverse as possible.

That's all for this update to The History of the
CRAB POWA! Alliance page
(I will throw in a DAMMIT KURZICKS! just for good measure)
Good Luck,
and Have Fun

[CRAB] Progress Post #2 VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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[CRAB] Progress Post #2
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