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 [CRAB] Progress Post #1

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Boss Crab

[CRAB] Progress Post #1 Empty
PostSubject: [CRAB] Progress Post #1   [CRAB] Progress Post #1 I_icon_minitime7/6/2012, 11:23 pm

UpDate: early October 2011 expand from within
a novel idea that should be taken slowly

not quite so much

we tried to do this adding 5 [CRAB] guilds in just a few days
[Infernal, Rejects, Imperial, Aztec and ofc we had Spawn]
unfortunately it was more than we could maintain
but it was worth the effort...
>we did after all make alot of new friends
many of whom are in [CRAB] Prime now since we consolidated all the other [CRAB] guilds
>we did keep a faction of over 3 million between the guilds,a notable accomplishment to say the least and also a bonding between members since much of it was done thru JQ syncs and Guild/Alliance Grouped MQSC.
>and we all did try-which is the only way anyone can accomplish anything
but in the end its was waning
so within that light we consolidated the [CRAB] guilds back into Mother [CRAB], which is where many of us came from,
and we then sought to find other allies because the most important aspect was that we would keep our alliance alive along with all of its principles, tenets and flavor.
And it was here we succeeded
We were able to bring back guilds from the original [CRAB] alliance, like [FKTS], as well as old friends in other guilds now, such as Matt in [Leet] who was with us when [FaZ] was in the [CRAB] alliance, and long time [CRAB] JQ friend Sadie along with the guild [DNK], and we connected with new friends such as [UK] and [STA].
And it is from here we usher on
At the start of our third year as a guild
At the start of our second year as an alliance
and with no end in site.

Sometimes it takes you a long time to find your home
but once you do find it
you know you have arrived

so here we are
and here u are
Welcome to the CRAB POWA! ALLIANCE

[CRAB] Progress Post #1 VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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[CRAB] Progress Post #1
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