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 Jungle Troll Tusk

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PostSubject: Jungle Troll Tusk   Jungle Troll Tusk I_icon_minitime7/4/2012, 9:31 pm

Jungle Trolls are found in the Maguuma Jungle in the Prophecies Campaign specifically;
>Reed Bog =You have to run thru Ettin's Back to get here, however farming the group at the beginning and then the group further down on your left may work well for u if u are saving other Traveler items (namely; Tangled Seeds, Mossy Mandibles, Maguuma Spider Webs) also Ebon Spider legs for Imperial Chef Chen for his main course at the annual Canthan New Year festival.
Also from here u can access The Falls to continue your farm.
>Tangle Root =This is where the Traveler actually is, and u will encounter some Trolls on your way to him. However i wouldn't consider this as an area to farm, unless u intend to run pass all the pop ups that u will come across on your way, and even then it's a long route.
>The Falls =You have to run thru Reed Bog (which means u also have to run thru Ettin's Back to get there), essentially all u fight at first is Maguuma Spiders and Redwood Shepherds, and therein lies the issue...u have to go thru ALOT of them to get to any Trolls. You will spend alot of time fighting thru foes u aren't interested in. However, once u DO finally get to the Trolls there are alot of them.
>Silverwood =This area is mostly Maguuma Centars, and hence isn't worth your time trying to farm Trolls here
>Bloodstone Fen (explorable area) =ROFLMAO, this area, Bloodstone Fen (explorable area) doesn't even fucking exist, its a mission only.
Excellent fucking job GW Wiki on knowing your own fucking map
or in the Missions
>Aurora Glade =Like most missions, this one isn't worth even thinking about farming in. There is FAR to many other crap foes that just get in the way and offer u nothing u need insofar as farming Tusks goes.
>Bloodstone Fen =All Thorn Stalkers at start, so isn't worth it to try to find/farm Trolls here.
>The Wilds =Also not worth it

Jungle Trolls are always Warrior classed, however they are one of the few creatures in Prophecies that use skills from more than one profession (that being Ranger). Also strange is that unlike many foes who will drop things like Bolts of Cloth and such, Jungle Trolls only Drop one thing (excluding gold and weaponry) and that is Jungle Troll Tusks...
...which is what u fucking need so this is a good thing Smile

Jungle Troll
(Warrior level 18, can also be level 14 but the stats below reflect level 18)
>Endure Pain
>Power Attack
>Troll Unguent
Armor ratings: 94 vs all weapon types, 74 vs all elemental damage

The farms themselves (wherever u choose to farm) are easy, Trolls are easy to pwn is what i am saying, and the Tusks drop pretty regularly.
Likely the best place to farm is the Reed Bog farm then continuing into The Falls.
After u have about 12 or so Tusks go ahead and go to the Traveler in Tangle Root. You should be able to pick up the 3 or so more Tusks u need by just killing the Trolls u encounter along the way to him.
I personally used an SoS solo build (with Shadowsong to blind ofc) but alot of common solo builds here will work fine for this farm

Ok that's it for the week,
take care, good luck, have fun and good farming

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Jungle Troll Tusk
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