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PostSubject: Sentient Lodestone   Sentient Lodestone I_icon_minitime6/26/2012, 10:47 am

And here i thought i had this one already done.
It doesn't seem like that long ago that he asked for these but apparently my sense of time is all fucked up  Sad
It's still an easy one though  Surprised

[for this farm try this build-u will need to sub out Pain in favor of Disenchantment, Bloodsong being the better choice to keep as opposed to Pain, even though it is less damage than Pain the spirit heals itself for better longevity]
>Painful Bond
>Disenchantment (the bastards have Armor of Earth)
>Signet of Spirits (Elite)
>"I Am Unstoppable" or Dwarven Stability (with alcohol) [prevents Stoning KDs] -optionally any skill that prevents KDs, EXCEPT Dolyak Signet (sinse u still need to be able to avoid Ebon Hawk, Stoning and Sand Storm)
>Armor of Unfeeling (ALWAYS use this with ANY SoS Solo vs foes with a higher level than your spirits)
>Summon Spirits (using your best Kurz or Lux rank)

It is important to note with this build vs the Crags, its good practice here to learn an SoS Solo's "stick and move" tactics, as far as when to pull the spirits back, when to wait (like waiting for them to cast Sand Storm, then move,  BEFORE u summon your spirits to u)

Leave from your Sunspear Sanctuary and go into your Command Post
From there go into the Arkjok Ward portal to your right
Once there u can get the bounty if u want/need it, but if my memory serves me correct it isn't vs Elementals so its useless for what u are about to do.
From the Bounty or from the gate go north (left) and u will see 2 Elementals, either 2 Crag or 2 Mesa or 1 of each, thats the 1st group. After them stay with the northern wall to groups 2 and 3. After them the 4th group is as simple as when u went up the hill...
Now go down it.
And u will see group 4.
The group is on your right, and it is the last group.

Rinse (rezone) and Repeat as needed

Good Luck & Good Farming,

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Sentient Lodestone
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