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 What has gone before....

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Boss Crab

What has gone before.... Empty
PostSubject: What has gone before....   What has gone before.... I_icon_minitime5/5/2011, 1:25 pm

Alot to sum up.
Though it hasn't been a far walk really, in time,
alot of events have happened.
Well then,
I'll just start with the base origin:

Back in October, 2008, I made [CRAB]
and it wasnt till almost a year later that....
well, something happened...
so please, read on.

...for those who don't know, listen, this is your guild......your alliance..... and u are only as ignorant as u want to be...know the CRAB inside and out ....because this alliance and this guild will only be as good as u want it to be....hallalujah (lol).........this is my crab...this is your crab....its for all of us.
Its for anyone.....who wants to...enjoy the game...and not be bogged down by be friends with others in the game...people u will never meet outside of here.....and pursue a common goal.....which is... WHATEVER MAKES THE GAME BETTER FOR US, ALL OF US Meaning, as americans say (yep i'm an american), By The People, For The People. And this place is no different....By the People, For the People=Decided by us/Decided by u and your choice, what is best for us as a gathering of many peoples. Being open to all aspects of this game, to not be held down by constant faction farming and at the same time show pride in keeping/dropping faction u have earned, not disdaining PvP, but developing it, missions u have done a 1000 times, and doing them 1 more time for a friend. Thats where we are today. And thats where we are headed still.
But it all started out like this....

Just me.
Well, mainly, a few people in and out along the way.
And this went on for almost a year.
I went back and forth in an alliance that was just a bunch of my friends' guilds
It really was a group of like 4 or 5 guilds that were basically just like 8 people total.
What we should have done there is make the alliance into 1 guild and abandon our own guilds and put us all in a single guild and then find/create an alli, it would have been better. 1 person who gives a fuck are better than 100 that don't. and so 10 ppl who gave a fuck....
would be quite good.
Either way, i'll just make that part of the story short, it isnt relevant to what i am really saying.
But i will say this,
No one wanted to try the 'Great 10 People who kick ass idea'
and instead stayed where we were at
meaning; leaving and getting kicked from shit alliances for shit differences.
i thought i would take a part from Sir Alfred Tennyson's poetry,
'something more, a bearer of new things'
Basically i was stagnant and wanted out, because it was futureless, i mean why did i bother to create a guild in the 1st place..... so, alone, i just left......

Abbz pm'd me out of the blue one day, said he wanted to do something,....
to sum up that converstation....
i wanted to do a gvg thing and needed to find a gvg guild
Abbz wanted a home
i thought a GvG guild was what i wanted
and Abbz, for the 1st time in his GW life decided he was tired of guild jumping
i made him leader and went about my business to find a GvG guilds
but...i reconsidered.
i didnt want to leave what i, which was really a full hall and no members
but i didnt want to leave it
besides i had a good friend with me who wanted to 'work it'
then, as fate would have it, Darth showed up too, after being off for 6 months
This young man was actually my PvP mentor
he was my teacher early on
he had shown me what i knew about PvP.
He had no guild so he joined us...and then we were 3.

What happens from here on out is LEGENDARY
Legendarily ridiculous for a time
then legendary still

Abbz, as some of you may know, is a 'talker', and i don't mean he's just a bullshitter, i mean he likes to spend alot of time socializing with others in the game
And Darth is the most 'Jerry Springer'-like mother fucker you would ever hope to meet
And to mention, both knew what they were doing
in PvP and PvE
between the 3 of us we had the 'lions knowledge' as it were
and so it boiled down too...
'Why the fuck not?'
Why the fuck not?
lets...make it happen

This was around mid/late september of 2009

Abbz, through his social connections had gotten us a spot in an alliance,
not just any alliance though,
this spot was in the, at the time, #5 kurzick alliance.
For those of u who dont know what that means...
it means JUMPING JESUS means the #5 kurzick alliance in the ENTIRE world-wide game.
All this...and less than a week ago there were 3 of us
just sent us an invite.
now, (and i mean at the time) there were about 25 of us and we are pushing 1 mill faction (even though the majority of us were just PvE ~and i dont mean they were DTSCers) so we were looking at constant donations from those who were pvp/pve
i would have to drop 70-100k a day most days
because we all wanted to pursue OUR game
And that is hard to do, to maintain that faction, with only a few faction-style players
and, wtf on top of it
we were constantly being harassed to give more
even though we satisfied the 1 mil req to be in the alli.
Alot of us just wanted to just 'play the fucking game'
that is what its about right?
i know i didnt feel like logging in and doing JQ for 4 hours a day before i got a chance to actually do something i wanted to do...thats not why i started playing this appease others...fuck that
i didnt get my drivers license for someone riding my bumper to tell me how fast or slow i should be going.

Then, as i was sullenly hanging around JQ, i saw an all chat guild ad, and to sum that up was...
there was an alliance that required only a 500k faction and was (at the time it turned out) cool with that
that was the #4 kurz alli at the time
in the entire gaming world
we went there
and the old leader of the old alliance......well,
has hated me ever since
she wants to set me ablaze with hate.
i did try to explain to her....
u are stealing our members
your other alliance guilds are just assholes and give us no respect
and we have surpassed your faction criteria of 1 million per guild so please let that be
if u want to raise your bar... then say that
so we can leave on our own
rather than logging on and the first thing i am checking is whether or not we got kicked
in short
if she had chilled out on bitching at us for having 1.2 mill faction, when her requirement was 1 mill
or perhaps the ENTIRE alliance wasnt full of disrespectful guilds with 133t (thats elite in leet speak XD) assheads, that thought that the entire GW world was full of gaming noobs, maybe we wouldnt have left for her competition,
but she didnt,
so we did
and that my friends is righteous vengeance,
we had busted our asses yet still their alliance chat was nothing but insulting to us,
that was if they spoke to us at all
and i'm not down with my ppl being insulted
especially by a group of jackoffs
who havent much more to do then
just piss cool ppl off and go trolling.
And they would put a bug in any new members ear...
'join us....crab wont be here for long'
what the fuck is that?
allied my ass.
i dont condone guild jumping in an alli
its very bad,
but if u must (and there are acceptable reasons)
then u should let BOTH leaders need to know your intent,
its respect here.
But, as i always say...its YOUR game,so
we are here to get the most out of our game experience that we can
so if u feel that another allied guild is better for u, its ok to go there as long as both leaders know
its not a question of whether or not we are cool with it
since, ultimately, as i stated is your game
so we have to be cool....but respect says...just let us know...both of us

Anyway, we joined the #4 kurz alli
things went great for a bit
they were is basically a DTSC guild gone crazy
the guild itself had 10 million faction
that means they themselves had to drop 1 million faction
to maintain that
so really the rest of us didnt need to do a whole lot past 500k
the leader, however, was constantly trying to remove and add guilds with more faction
why, i have no idea
if u want 5 mil faction guilds then advertize that
i think House Zu Heltzer was his goal
and he ended up failing not just in his alliance, but he lost alot of members as i understand it
HzH isnt worth that
either way one day we were kicked from there
while we were at 700k faction
i guess he found an 800k faction guild

God Dammit.....
and thats how i felt specifically
i started the [CRAB] alliance
seems like ages ago

this GUILD
is just for people who give a shit
it is a game
it is a hobby, for many of us a principle hobby. Most of us take any game and any hobby seriously, just as we should since, we ourselves, have a 'life' to get to when it calls

In the beginning of the alliance we had during the Kurzick days there were some snags
with guilds,
2 simple rules and u just still cant resist the slurs
or u just have the utmost disdain and disrespect for other gamers
i thought we'd never get by that
but we did
and it ran very well and very smoothly for a while
almost 10 months
we had a good reputation
we were either full with guilds or 1 short at times
we had decent faction
but then.....
its always something.....
we also ended up with too many members in the guilds
too many NEW members to be exact, all at once
who could care less about the 2 simple fucking rules
so everyday i logged into a world of shit and complaints
it became as bad as a slave to faction
except now i was a slave to bullshit
kicks and re-invites
kicks and re-invites
and sneak-ins
and spys
and coups
and plots
and factions
and sides
all this and i was a kurzick on top of it

so i disbanded the alliance on september 1st 2010
i gave everyone 2 weeks notice
so they could reform if they liked
they didnt

after that we went back to luxon and joined a few alliances along the way
all of which were either noob-ridden or elitist asshole-ridden
till we ran into [TD]
who we are still friends with to this day actually
they owned a lesser town
werent all about faction
and were good people
with good guilds
we were there for a while then they started getting the
larger uber high faction guilds
who are always full of dicks
and the alliances own faction and presumed faction requirement started to go up
to the we are going for 'Cavalon' numbers
thats too much for us
we were happy at Leviathan Pits
so, we went out on our own again
joined another alliance or two
same old drama bullshit

so with a reluctant heart i said

And so we did

But still there was alot of the same stuff
same attitudes
same "crapola", as it were

Faced with this I decided we would expand but primarily we would do that exponentially
we would expand from within
almost every officer I had at this time was capable of running a guild
and I use the past tense because they are no longer my officers
they are now guild leaders within the CRAB POWA alliance
all with the same [CRAB] tag that is our standard
though all named as they would like
and with similar capes though not identical ones

thus far this works well
very well in fact
however a mother can only raise so many young or rear so many offspring at one time
and this may be you
part of the alliance though not of the "[CRAB] tag"
this isnt an issue.....

[CRAB] is a state of mind
as you will see , if u are with us or see us. in AB or JQ
and less of any tag.
All though the tag drives the point home-it does not in of itself make the point, if you get my meaning.
CRAB POWA is winning without disdain or ego towards the other teams short comings
but pride in what i have stated earlier-
we work hard.
and that we do well individually under that attitude
as well as a group under the same attitude of pride
we may lose perhaps, but with grace and respect for and from the victor and then make a crushing yet humble (though humbling) return
we do not boast beyond the joke
we do not insult beyond being insulted
we do not brag
why bother after all
there is always someone
better than you
though finer players, finer people assembled under one banner I have not met
we claim our skills from pride-not from blind ego or vanity but because we have worked VERY hard to become so
to become good at what it is we LIKE to do
and in that is the spirit of CRAB POWA
that spirit simply being.....

To promote the acronym GG
and to mean it with regard to all parties concerned


oh yeah,,,

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What has gone before....
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