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 Chromatic Scale

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PostSubject: Chromatic Scale   Chromatic Scale I_icon_minitime6/21/2012, 11:31 pm

This week isnt as hard as u may think. Very Happy
Its very simple really,
leave from the EotN out post and head into the Battledepths,
solo, in Normal Mode and equipped with this build...

> Barbed Signet (if a Necro primary or secondary) or Ear Bite (Deldrimor skill, if using another class)
> Signet of Infection (Ebon Vanguard skill)
> Viper's Defense
> Trytophan Signet (Ebon Vanguard skill)
> Shroud of Distress
> Deadly Paradox
> Shadow Form (Elite)
> Shadow Refuge

You can be any class that can support the energy costs of this build. Optimally you should be a Necromancer/Assassin. This will give u the advantage of never having to switch from your shield set to a focus set for more energy since Soul Reaping will provide for u. If that option isnt available to u I recommend Assassin (obviously, and a Necromancer secondary, SEE BELOW) or Elementalist (again, OBVIOUSLY, with an Assassin secondary)
Set your Shadow Arts to 12 (+1 to +3 if u are actually an Assassin) and your Deadly Arts to 3
Use your remaining points in what makes sense past this (i.e., Energy Storage for Eles and Soul Reaping/Blood Magic for Necros. Assassin primaries should be Necromancer secondaries solely so their use of bleeding isnt tied to a weapon which is likely to miss and the signet is used at no energy cost.

Your Weapons should be a +5 energy one-handed melee weapon (axe or sword) with a enchanting grip (Enchantments last 20% longer) and a shield (preferably +45 health while enchanted and damage -2 while enchanted).
You may also want to have a focus with the same mods as the shield and a high energy focus (energy+15/energy gain -1) with the health mod as the shields. In a crisis situation where u have little or no energy u can have them assigned to other Weapon Set spots (instead of a shield) along with ur sword or axe.
These are all of the optimal items u would want, however it can be done with similar items or without the listed items at all.

Once in the Battledepths u will encounter Whirling Wisps 1st which are immune to your conditions as they arent Fleshy creatures. They are in groups of 2 and u are going to engage them in melee range, once they are both adjacent around u cast Trytophan signet on either of them, their movement will be slowed and now u can just out run them toward the next group of Wisps, they dont chase u far while slowed. But be careful as to when u cast Trytophan with the Wisps, the have Lyssa's Assault in their skill sets and can interrupt u.
Repeat this, stopping as needed to let Tryptophan Signet recharge til u come to the group near the 1st group of Chromatic Drakes.
DO NOT engage the Wisps here, instead carefully avoid their aggro while moving into the aggro of the Drakes. It is important to keep the Wisps in the Drakes separate throughout this farm as the Wisps can apply too much presure to u while u deal with the Drakes and u will likely die. Be sure u cast Deadly Paradox then Shadow Form before u engage the Drakes or this will be one short fucking encounter for u.

As with all SF builds u will need to maintain Shadow Form for this to work. With the Drakes u will often be casting Shadow Refuge to keep your health up when u have to deal with 2 forms of their Elemental Shit Monster skill...
Earth Elemental Shift build: since the build utilizes Crystal Wave which is a PB-AoE (Point-Blank Area of Effect) spell and doesnt need to target u. It does 70 points of Armor-Ignoring damage to u at the Drakes Earth Magic 16. In this form they also use Ward Against Melee which will give them a 50% chance to block ur attacks. Honestly all this does is slow u down, no biggie. They also cast Obsidian Flesh while in their Earth form. This is only an issue if u have an Obsidian Flesh Drake as your target and try to cast Viper's Defense, even though Viper's Defense doesnt call for a target it wont let u use it while u have a Drake under the influence of Obsidian Flesh targeted. To counter this just un-target that Drake, that is to say "X" out of the red bar of the drake. Now... u have no target and can freely use Viper's Defense. And they have Silver Armor as a skill in this form as well , which gives them a 52% chance to block.
Air Elemental Shift build: The issue here is Lightning touch, which is a skill not a spell, and it will do 63 damage (+25% armor penetration) to u (Air Magic 16 in NM) and Blind u and give u Cracked Armor for 10 seconds.
This is why i recommended Necromancer/Assassin to farm the Drakes; between the Blind, the Blocks and the Ward u cant hit a God damn thing and Poison from Viper's Defense becomes ur chief damage. Poison alone is a -4 degen instead of a -10 total degen between poison, bleeding (-3 degen) and disease (-4 degen) (btw, i didnt add wrong there, i know its -11, but degen is capped at -10). This will drastically slow ur farm down, if not just that it will also likely be the cause of your death if u have one.

After u kill this 1st group of Drakes, prepare yourself and run past the group of Whirling Wisps with the group of Chilling Wisp (using Tryptophan Signet on the largest cluster between them as u can) and run straight to the Dwarves. They wont follow u very far into the area where the Dwarves are.
The rest of the Drake groups are southeast of the dwarves.
Dont forget to stop off at the Shrine in the Dwarves area, its a long walk back through the Wisps if u die and didnt stop here to activate the shrine.
Also, if the later Drake groups are giving u trouble, like the one that has 2 Wisps very close to their doorway, u can always use the gate with the dwarves to Varajar Fells to zone and rezone back to the Battledepths and just take on the 1st three groups southeast (thats southeast and to your right, the problematic groups are southeast to the left) of the dwarves where there are no Wisps. You want to try to avoid long confrontations with the Wisps. You cant kill them, and u will lose.

There are a total of 6 additional Drake groups and u will average about 1 Chromatic Scale per group and u only need 5 so u should get them all in 1 run.

From here on out use the same tactics i have listed previously;
Tryptophan and out run the Wisps
Condition to death the Drakes while in Shadow Form
Its all that simple cheers
Fucking  cheers

Cheers,  cheers

O, and btw, u can get Enameled Shield drops in the Battledepths, which, as far as shields go, are just FfffffffffffffffUCKING beautiful  king  queen

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Chromatic Scale
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