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PostSubject: Massive Jawbone   Massive Jawbone I_icon_minitime6/6/2012, 10:20 pm

Fuck me and call me Shirley.
And what makes me say such foulness? Because..
Massive Jawbones drop like Bull Trainer Jaws in Nightfall,
and that means very few and very far between.
They wont give u their Jaws that u need....but they will sure as all Hell will give u all of their damn boots, which,

Anyway and however,
Massive Jawbones drop from the Sand Giants in the Crystal Desert. Like all giants, Sand Giants cannot be knocked down, but they sure as all hell can knock YOU down lol, that is ofc, if u aren't using an anti-KD skill.

For my (fun-filled fucking) farm i used an SoS solo build,
which is actually very effective against Sand Giants (since most of their skills are touch skills) and creatures that need to get into melee range to u to cause damage.
Basically the "Stick and Move" tactics u employ with SoS solo builds via the Summon Spirits skill generally keeps them at arms length from being able to damage your spirits and definitely from u. And all the while your spirits, who attack at range, still continue to damage their attackers.
Also, these particular Giants all use Signet of Agony, which causes THEM to Bleed, and then they use Plague Touch to pass that Bleeding onto a foe.
Well, Spirits are immune to Bleeding, so even if the Giants pass it to them it doesnt matter.
Also, if u continually use Summon Spirits to pull your spirits back (with Summon Spirits) the Giants will continue to cause themselves damage through Bleeding since they have to chase ur spirits around cant get rid of it with Plague Touch.

Pretty cool huh?  Wink

The exact Solo Solo build i used as far as skills go was this:
>Painful Bond
>Blood Song (generally i will use this over Pain spirit since Bloodsong is a self healing spirit, where as Pain is not, even though it does a little bit more damage)
>Signet of Spirits
>Spirit Light
>Armor of Unfeeling (necessary as with any SoS solo farm vs anything above level 10)
>Summon Spirits (using ur highest Luxon or Kurzick rank if u have the skill from both factions )
>"I Am Unstoppable" (that's the Norn skill that prevents Knock Downs and Crippling)

Sand Giant Statistics/Information
Skills (11 Death Magic)
>Plague Touch  
>Signet of Agony
>Vile Touch
>Giant Stomp (Monster Skill=Causes knock-down and deals 25 damage to foes in range). There are several notes to this skill as well:
Though it has a casting time of 4 Giant Stomp activates halfway through its stated activation time, (i.e. after 2 seconds).
ALSO this skill deals armor-ignoring, bonus, physical damage; it does not deal any base damage. Consequently, it is affected by physical damage reduction, such as Rune of Absorption.
ALSO Giant Stomp damages and knocks down all creatures within earshot of the user, whether ally or foe (but not the caster), well that would be nice...if all the other giants didnt have the Stun Immunity monster skill which means they won't BE knocked down.
ALSO Giant Stomp does not act as an attack, the damage cannot be blocked and doesn't trigger skills like Empathy.
And ALSO, most interesting of all this skill will also knock down Miniatures.
So cruel, asshole giants, so, so fucking cruel
>Stun Immunity (Monster Skill=Simply cannot be knocked-down). ...However  Twisted Evil
Earthbind will bypasses this skill's effect and Earthbind is the ONLY skill that can do this
>Vampiric Touch (in Hard Mode only, which u likely wont be doing to farm them....what would be the point...but then each his/her own. Btw, they also have a 20 in Soul Reaping in don't be a sucker...just normal mode these fuckers  Cool )
Armor ratings
Weapon Damage=106, Elemental Damage=86

A Note regarding Jade Scarabs in the Crystal Desert: While to make the farm faster u are generally trying to just avoid the non-target foes (the giants in this case), Jade Scarabs do Drop Jade Mandibles, which The Traveler hasn't asked for yet, though he will eventually. So if u save Traveler shit, u may just want to take the extra moment and kill the ones u encounter.

A Note regarding other Monsters in the Crystal Desert:
>Sand Worms= Big pains in the ass. However if u brought your anti KD skill they arent as bad, and oddly enough, Spirits can still attack them and cause them damage after they go underground
>Jade Scarabs and Desert Griffons are hostile to one another and will fight each other when they aggro one another, however Devourers and Griffons will not fight each other

Sand Giant Locations
The Arid Sea (Explorable Area)
Interestingly enough, when this area is combined with a quick run through Vulture Drifts from Dunes of Despair it seems that the Jaw drop rate is higher here than in The Scar (even though The Scar has slightly more Giants, however, this is more of a pain in the ass.
First off, to do this farm correctly, u will need to make a decision.
You will need some sort of IMS (increased movement speed), and u will have to decide if u want to lose a skill (likely Bloodsong or your heal) and use an IMS skill, or keep everything in your build as is and use a consumable (such as a birthday cupcake....and dont use a damn BU, its not that important of a Traveler Farm). Because, it should go without saying that u can NOT change out your anti-KD skill for anything.
Once u have made that decision, here is what u do:
The entire point of the IMS is to avoid unnecessary shit (like Scarabs, Devoureres and Worms, O MY!), so when u leave from Dunes of Despair go toward the teleporter, drop a few spirits and then engage the Enchanted Weapons there, pulling them back to your spirits, then make way for the teleporter and get the sequence and go thru it.
From there head south east towards the gate to The Arid Sea, there are 2 groups of giants right at the gate, kill them then proceed thru the gate into The Arid Sea.
It is also important to note here that, if u like, u can use this gate to just keep rezoning and killing the 5 Giants there. I didnt try this, but it will work ofc, i just couldnt tell u what the drop rate would be since u will only be in the zone for a minute and the longer u are in a zone and the more kills u have in that zone the higher the drop rate of items (not necessarily the Jaws) will be.
Once in The Arid Sea u should also use whatever your IMS is, u will need it so u dont get bogged down by the Jade Scarab pop-ups which are all over the place as well as with any Burrowers u come across. You could, as i stated earlier fight the Scarabs, they do drop Mandibles u will need later for the Traveler, thats up to u ofc, but note that in The Arid Sea Scarabs are also hanging out with Salving Cacti (plural of Cactus), which are healers and can make Scarabs an even bigger pain in the dick than normal, even if u aren't a male.  Smile  One good thing is if u are facing Giants and get a Scarab pop-up the Giants Giant Stomp ability will also KD and damage the Scarabs. the 2 groups however, do not directly fight each other.
The Giants are in the southern and central areas of the map, very spread out in the area, just skim along the south and then do a circle thru the center, here also if u end your farm where u started at u can just rezone (and kill the 5 Giants in Vulture Drifts if u wish) and head back to The Arid Sea for another run.
And btw, if u see a group of Hydra (and its boss);
run from it.
If u are using an SoS solo build there isnt anything there for u but death,
The 1st run i did was just once thru and i got 2 Jaws.
The 2nd (also just 1 run thru) and i got 1 Jaw.
Approximate Run time: 20-25 minutes

The Scar (Explorable Area)
This place is likely your best bet for the farm if numbers actually make a farm good, as u will encounter 30 sand giants total, generally in groups of 2 or 3, there are a few spots where it may seem like a group of 5, it isnt, its a group of 2 and a group of 3, u can use a long bow to pull the groups apart so they are easier to deal with.
There are also 3 ways to get into the scar and to the giants.
This is what wiki says:
#1=Start from Destiny's Gorge, head towards the resurrection shrine and turn right, you shall see the suspension bridge (green dots on the linked map) to the East, cross underneath. During this path, depending on spawns you shall face a Sand Wurm and 2-3 groups of scarab pop-ups which you can ignore while proceeding to the eastern border of the map. Sand Giants locations may vary but are always on the plateau or the shallow valey. There are two ramps to access the high ground (blue dots). When the plateau ends, return and locate the Dune Burrower which stands next to the ramp towards the valley and you shall find a fork. There is a short walk to the west which ends on the edge. And the last Sand Giants will be patrolling up to a second Dune Burrower. Sand Giants patrol in groups of 2 or 3, and use Giant Stomp once they stop at touch range, count heads to calculate knock-downs.
Here's the Link for the wiki farming route...
***NOTE: Due to this forums format, as per the Provider, I do not have the Administrative Option to directly open to you the ability to download attachments (i.e., you cant use the links here to visit any sites listed directly from this page) since you are not a registered member. This is not my decision, it is part of forumotion's policies and is thus beyond my control. If you wish to visit any of these sites the only advise i can offer you is to write down its address and visit it from outside the site.
#2=Here wiki is generally right, the giants are in that area, but the path to get there they show isnt the path of least resistance (i.e. less foes, and that =a faster farm). So, just leave from Destiny's Gorge and head to the north wall and follow it around to the giants area, simple as that, there is less dodging/drop spirit fodder since there are less foes.
Approx Time to Farm:20 minutes
#3=Here u leave From the Thirsty River Mission INTO The Scar. You will have to do alot of spirit dropping to avoid foes, which include Burrowers, Scarab pop-ups, and Enchanted Weapons (btw, the Enchanted Weapons are guarding near the Teleporter u are trying to get to, so here drop all spirits and get them to engage them, so u can run to the Teleporter and get its sequence to activate it)
After u have gone thru the Teleporter u will have to dodge a few groups of similar foes before u get to the giants area.
This route in the scar is faster but if u dont know how to drop spirits for fodder it wont be easier for u.
Approx Time to Farm15 minutes
Now I did 3 Runs in this area, one of each of the 3 i have listed and got only ONE goddamn Massive Jawbone.
So u may just want to say fuck the Traveler this week, or try the Arid Sea run above, Nicholas is there anyway.

Vulture Drifts (Explorable Area)
See The Arid Sea >ABOVE<

Thirsty River(Mission)
Here, Sand Giants provide a skill recharge and Morale Boost despite not being bosses, interestingly enough there is also an anomaly to this, that the morale boost granted upon killing a Sand Giant during the Thirsty River Mission also affects any pets u have in your party.
Beyond that, farming the Jaws here generally isnt worth it, it isnt really hard its just that there are only 5 Giants in the mission and alot of Devours that get in your way (that also like to interrupt your skills and spells)
But if u want to just farm the Mission for the Jaws the whole farm takes about 5 or 6 minutes.

And that's all for this week.
Good Luck (u will need it),  Razz
Have Fun (i can promise u that this farm, is not fun),  Razz   Razz
and Good Farming (see the Emoticons)  Razz   Razz   Razz

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Massive Jawbone
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