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PostSubject: Shiverpeak Mane   Shiverpeak Mane I_icon_minitime5/16/2012, 9:48 pm

Easy one this week.
Just go here...

Deldrimor Bowl
This is what wiki says on farming the Manes there and i agree with it for once (or twice.... or something like that.... sometimes.... anyway) actually;
"Start from Beacon's Perch, you can head into any direction as the entire explorable area is populated solely by Centaurs except the corridor that leads to Griffon's Mouth. You will only face three types of foes: warriors, rangers and monks, all of them of level 8. One single run in this place is more than enough to farm well over 15 units."
You can run any manner of solo build u wish vs these centaurs, they are level 8 for fuck dont die here nublet  Razz  and if u do, don't tell your friends about it.

However what i used this week, was 3 fucking birthday cupcakes, over my 1.5 runs, to farm the 30 i needed since the ranger centaurs use fucking d-shot, and i fucking hate to be interrupted, especially by that skill, so i had to replaced my stance IMS with a mesmer anti-rupt stance mantra, and since u cant run 2 stances simultaneously (which, btw, the same is true for weapon spells, glyphs and preparations, but not enchantments, just pile those fuckers on), this was the option i had.
There, now that u are out of breath just reading my rave,
here's what i used:
1 Fire Attunement
2 Aura of Restoration
3 Intensity (sunspear skill)
4 Starburst (elite)
5 Flame Burst
6 Flame Djinn's Haste (also acts as ur IMS)
7 Inferno
8 Mantra of Resolve (Mesmer skill)

+Bloody Cupcakes  Basketball

And thats all the harder it is this week
Good Luck,
Have Fun,
and Good Farming.  Cool

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Shiverpeak Mane
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