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PostSubject: Branch of Juni Berries   Branch of Juni Berries I_icon_minitime5/16/2012, 9:46 pm

Well, 1st off with this week's Traveler, gw wiki is quite right (basically), in that it says:
Create masterless minions to provide food for Toma without leaving the village; at maximum efficiency, this can produce four or more branches per run.
One efficient method uses two minion masters and a Mesmer/Monk to resurrect them quickly. Sacrifice the first necro to provide a corpse for the second to use for minions. Sac the second necro to make the minions masterless (after which Toma will begin munching them quickly). Repeat this until the time limit is reached.

And this is generally the idea, however it can be faster than this using multiple MM style necro-types and a different rez hero.
And that works like this....

O, and btw, u need to complete the Drake in a Cage and Feeding Frenzy quests (and u can use the technique listed below for Feeding Frenzy to practice for Insatiable Appetite) to get to the Insatiable Appetite quest.

All "Necros" (u can use whatever class can handle the energy costs really, necros are best ofc (duh, +u can use a Bloodstained Insignia on them for faster casting of minions), but eles (higher energy) and mesmers (faster casting of minion spell) also work well though.
I used 3 necros and a mesmer as "necros"
Death Magic=8 (max final number, dont make minions too strong or it takes to long to kill them and if u make them too weak they die too fast for them to count
Blood Magic=10
? Attribute=12 (this is like Soul Reaping or Energy Storage for more energy or Fast Casting for faster minion creation)
Skills= (yes 2, 2 skills, thats it, thats all they need)
1) Blood is Power
2) Animate Bone Minions (which will be 2 level 6 minions, like i said, not too strong to take too long to kill and not so weak that they die too fast to even get below 20% health)

A "Rez'r" use an Ele here (an ele/rit), a mesmers fast casting will actually cause it to rez BEFORE the necros get a chance at animating the corpse, and eles have the energy u will need here, since all they will do is....rez heroes that kill themselves to make minions that feed the drake. Just so they can kill themselves again to make minions to feed the drake.
And so on.
Energy Storage=12 (+1, +2 or +3 if u like)
Skills= (yes, again, 2, 2 skills, thats it, thats all they need)
1) Aura of Restoration
2) Flesh of My Flesh (this is why a rit secondary, this spell has no recharge time)

And now for You, basically u can be whatever class/monk u want, provided u have a base energy regen of 4 (meaning derv, sin and any caster). I chose Ele/Monk, and will list what i used below.
Energy Storage=12+1
Healing Prayers=12
The 1st the skills u cast on ur "Rez'r" BEFORE u start so u can regain some energy BEFORE u start and skill 4 is for when their health gets really low, which happens once in a bit and it provides some extra security against them dying, since that fucks the whole thing up.
But if that happens and u have fucked the whole thing up use skills 5 then 6, to rez that dying fool fast (btw, skill 5 is an ele skill, so if u arent ele/monk or monk/ele u are fucking up a fucked up situation more)
skill 7 is only for use when u have done a superb fuck up and dont want to just scratch it all and start over without getting ur one berry branch.  
Only 1 because u fucked up that bad clown
Skill 8 is optional for whatever u may think u will need, which u likely wont need anything beyond skills 1 to 4, but just in case.
1) Watchful Healing
2) Mending
3) Succor
4) Healing Breeze
5) Glyph of Essence
6) Resurrection Chant
7) "By Ural's Hammer" (Deldrimor skill)
8} *choice*

To farm this basically go out like wiki says:
>get a few minions ready to turn hostile,
>put ur heroes on Avoid Combat
>spread (by flagging) the heroes out, a bit, but not to much, this is because Toma is easily body blocked, especially by Chuno
>cast ur spells on the rez'r
>get the quest
>kill a necro by manually spamming Blood is Power
>keep killing necros (the ones with the minions btw) manually as above
>occasionally cast Healing Breeze on ur rez'r
>and thats it, rinse and repeat

and btw, i dont know wtf wiki is talking about with the 4 or more branches per farm, i tried it all sorts of ways and found that generally Toma makes 13-16 "kills" in 3 minutes, so u are looking at 2-3 branches
Wiki is right on one thing though: A Bug
After 10 feedings, 20 seconds are added to the count-down clock. However, the total duration of the feeding time does not change, so that it appears that 20 seconds remain when Toma stops accruing additional kills.

ok, thats it, gl/hf,

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Branch of Juni Berries
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