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 Roll of Parchment

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PostSubject: Roll of Parchment   Roll of Parchment I_icon_minitime4/24/2012, 11:40 pm

Easy one this week. Very Happy
Nicholas will only ever ask for a few rare materials like this in his cycle (such as Spirit Wood Planks).

DOs & DON'Ts
DON'T but Parchment from players
DON'T (unless you have no other choice buy Parchment from Rare Material Traders (it's late Tuesday night here where I am and Parchment is selling for 180 gold each (so that 900 gold per gift) atm)
DO have Parchment crafted by Artisans for 5 wood and 20 gold (which will cost you, assuming you have to buy the wood, about 70 gold each or 350 gold per gift)

List of ARTISANS who craft Parchment
(There are no Artisans in Nightfall or Eye of the North that craft Parchment)

>Artisan Daved, Old Ascalon (outside Sardelac Sanitarium)
>Artisan Kristan, Regent Valley (outside Fort Ranik)
>Artisan Sivan, Talmark Wilderness (in Dakutu Village)
>Hadasha the Artisan, Mamnoon Lagoon (next to Vargil the White)
>Etham the Artisan, Nebo Terrace (in Nebo Village)
NOTE: Etham the Artisan will NOT craft anything for you while you have War in Kryta active

>Dae Chung, Panjiang Peninsula (in Kaitan Village)
>Shinichiro, Seitung Harbor (near Brother Pe Wan and the exit into Saoshang Trail)
>Takara Taji, Haiju Lagoon (near Wahju Falls)
>Xue Yi, Kaineng Center (northwest, close to Bejunkan Pier exit)

Like i said,
easy one this week Very Happy

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Roll of Parchment
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