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 Superb Charr Carving

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PostSubject: Superb Charr Carving   Superb Charr Carving I_icon_minitime4/16/2012, 6:35 pm

I'm not going to spend too much time on this week's Nick item
Its basically a no-brainer
basically lol

Where to Farm
Just go into any area in the.....
Charr Homelands
Dalada Uplands
Grothmar Wardowns
Sacnoth Valley
Depths of Tyria
Cathedral of Flames
Rragar's Menagerie
Far Shiverpeaks
Ice Cliff Chasms (only during Charr-broiled Plans)
Norrhart Domains (only during Charr Invaders)
Against the Charr
Assault on the Stronghold
Warband of Brothers
Blood Washes Blood

The Choice is really up to u
There are Charr all over these fucking places  Razz

>Do NOT try to use SoS solo to farm these higher level Charr
as the Charr Flameshielders and Charr Seekers will just flat out FUCK your spirits
and I mean proper fuck them
>The Shadow Form solo will work well here, since u can't be the target of spells and all attacks against u have a damage reduction per Assassin enchantment
Also the Charr casters ball up, so just run the warriors back to the casters and waste them all as 1 group
>If shadow form isn't an option for u, u can run a small 3-4 man (you + 2-3 heroes) party using whatever u like, u may need to macro the heroes at time and definitely first target the casters and the rangers, blinding the warriors and rangers is a good option, so is Pain Inverter vs the Flameshielders, also Technobabble vs any caster  (causes daze if not a boss)
>And a final option would be to run a 2-3 player group (2 if u both are using Shadow Form should be enough, otherwise try a mix of builds)

The Charr
[not going to list as much here as I usually do for the foes to farm, but just a few idiosyncrasies of note for each]

Armor Rating Notes: Generally they have the same Armor Ratings as players (without Runes or Insignias)=60/60 for casters, 70/100 for rangers, the warrior levels are also the same as warrior character being 116/96 (players being based armor of 80+20 (vs physical damage) +16 for the shield=116/96)

Levels: In Normal Mode all Charr are level 20 in EotN (the Charr Hunter Beasts are level 28 however) and in Hard Mode they are all level 26 (with the Charr Hunter Beasts being level 30)

>Charr Axemaster (Warriors/Elementalist, use Conjure flame and Eviscerate (causes Deep Wound), Rez Signet, otherwise typical axe warrior crap, but also has Gloat=Monster Skill. After killing an enemy, all Charr within earshot gain 10 Energy and 5 adrenaline.Exploits a corpse)

>Charr Blademaster (15 Swordsmanship, 14 Tactics, also has Conjure Flame, uses Charge as Elite, CANNOT use Gloat, can Cause Bleeding and Deep Wound, has Rez Signet)

>Charr Dominator (15 Domination Magic, Typical Mesmer, uses Backfire, Shatter Hex and Shatter Enchantment, Power block (interrupt) elite, Also has RESURRECTION CHANT=a HARD rez)

>Charr Flameshielder (Needs more detail than the others, Elementalist/Monk, 15 Fire Magic, Ether Prodigy(Elite=energy regen), Fire Storm, Mark of Rodgort, Meteor Shower (kill it or rupt it BEFORE it casts this or u are likely dead, especially if there are 2 Flameshielders), Aegis, Extinguish,Gloat (monster skill)

>Charr Hexreaper (Necromancer/Ritualist, 14 Communing, 15 Curses, 9 Soul Reaping, general Curses degen hexes, however, also uses Anguish spirit=double damage vs hexed foes

>Charr Mender (Monk/Paragon, uses Life Sheath as elite as well as other Protection Monk/Motivation Paragon skills

>Charr Prophet (Monk/Mesmer, has a Mesmer interrupt (Power Drain), also has Gloat, otherwise a decent Healing Monk, albeit not a great one

>Charr Seeker (Ranger/Elementalist, 11 Wilderness Survival, Combines Conjure Flame, Ignite Arrows and Burning Arrow for massive damage, also has Gloat and has one interrupt, they can be a HUGE pain in the ass if your party has balled (or if your spirits are balled), during Assault on the Stonghold (only the Seekers on the bluffs, not the ones later in the mission, their skills change to Prepared Shot as Elite (gives Energy) and they lose their Gloat ability, during The Dawn of Rebellion and Warband of Brothers they also get an additional monster skill (besides Gloat), which is Flame Call=this skill is used by Charr Seekers and Sentries to summon a Charr Hunter Beast).

Charr Hunter Beast= Level 28 Elementalist, PBAoE (point-blank area of effect) fire damage, Armor=100/101 (+20 vs Fire Damage), They are not fleshy, They do not count as summoned for the purposes of skills such as Unnatural Signet, has a Monster Skill=Putrid Flame (Spell)= Deals 100 fire damage; inflicts Poisoned and Diseased conditions (10 seconds); affects adjacent foes, DOES NOT DROP SUPERIOR CHARR CARVINGS

That's it for this week,
Good luck and good farming,

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Superb Charr Carving
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