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PostSubject: Modniir Mane   Modniir Mane I_icon_minitime4/9/2012, 1:32 pm

This weeks Traveler farm is of the Modniir in the Eye of the North. For the most part u can SoS solo the Modniir groups, just watch your aggro.

Drakkar Lake
This area is a definite yes. Whether u enter it from Varajar Fells, Sifhalla or Norrhart Domains doesnt really matter as there are Modniir scattered about this entire area.

Ice Cliff Chasms (only during Service: In Defense of the Eye, given by Artificer Mellenix in the EotN outpost, and u must 1st complete the Charr Invaders and Service: Practice Dummy quests to gain access to Service: In Defense of the Eye)
Both of the quests that precede the quest u need to have to farm the Modniir are quite short, and the practice Dummy one will get u Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support as well.
This area, or quest as it were isnt really good for farming the Modniir Manes, if u needed Shiverpeak Manes however this would be an ideal place to get them.

Norrhart Domains
This area is also a no. You have alot of Frozen Elementals, Avalanches and Jotun (and worse, fucking Mandragors, ehw) running around when u leave from Gunnar'a Hold. You will surely see all those dickheads, but i myself didn't see a single Modniir lol.

Varajar Fells
If u leave from Olafstead and head north staying in the center of this area u will encounter Modniir, this area isnt a good place to farm just by itself (u will also be facing Ice Imps, Minotaurs and an assorted host of assholes u dont want to be bothered with), however if u are toggling back between it and Drakkar Lake via the gate it's not a bad idea

Slavers' Exile
Save yourself some nightmares. No. Don't go fucking around in Slavers unless u have a Voltaic reason, or u like watching shit get rez'd by Dwarves Razz

The Modniir
Monster Skill=Trample: 5 Energy, 2 Activation, 15 Recharge; Target touched foe and all adjacent foes are knocked down and struck for 80 damage. Notes: Deals some form of armor-ignoring physical damage.
Items dropped:
Modniir Armor (all except Modniir Shamans)
Modniir Mane
Modniir Robe
Modniir Tunic

Modniir Berserker (Warrior, Level 20)
Armor ratings: 98 vs physical damage, 78 vs Elemental damage
Skills: Crippling Slash (elite), G sh, Healing Signet, Protector's Defense, Seeking Blade, Savage Slash, Trample (monster skill)

Modniir Hunter (Ranger, Level 20)
[13 Beast Mastery, 14 Marksmanship]
Armor ratings: 70 vs physical damage, 100 vs Elemental damage
Skills: Crippling Shot (elite), Barbed Arrows, Needling Shot, Symbiosis, Troll Unguent, Trample (monster skill)
Notes: Modniir Hunters use Symbiosis to greatly increase their party's health when there is a Modniir Priest or Shaman in their group.

Modniir Priest (Monk Level 20)
Armor ratings: 60 vs all damage
Skills: Word of Healing (elite), Dwayna's Kiss, Dwayna's Sorrow, Healing Touch, Signet of Rejuvenation, Vigorous Spirit, Trample (monster skill)

Modniir Shaman (Monk Level 20)
Notes: Modniir Shaman do not drop Modniir Armor
Armor ratings: 60 vs all damage
Skills: Boon Signet (elite), Blessed Signet, Dismiss Condition, Life Attunement, Life Bond, Signet of Devotion, Vital Blessing, Trample (monster skill)

And that's all for this week,
good luck and good hunting Smile

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Modniir Mane
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