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 Thorny Carapace

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PostSubject: Thorny Carapace   Thorny Carapace I_icon_minitime3/28/2012, 6:19 pm

Thorny Carapaces are dropped by Devourers in the Maguuma Jungle
Thorn Devourer, Fevered Devourer, Thorn Devourer Drone
Majesty's Rest, Dry Top, Ettin's Back, Sage Lands, Bloodstone Fen (Mission), Aurora Glade (Mission)

This is an extremely easy farm, and miraculously Nicholas the Traveling Beggar only wants TWO Carapaces per gift.
You can easily solo these foes with SoS solo or Shadow Form Solo. They can't interrupt, remove enchantments or do much else besides cause Weakness (=You deal 66% less damage with attacks and all your attributes are reduced by 1)
...oooooo...scared yet?...yeah,....yeah me too  lol!

Below i have listed the aggregate descriptions of the Devourers u need to farm followed by a list and critique of them in the areas which they spawn in so u can decide the best place to farm which suits your farming style/build.
As with all Devourers most of them will be pop-ups and u will rarely see a group standing there waiting for u to kill them

[Also: If u can't get there at the moment, its really no problem to fix that WITHOUT having to do missions to get there. Just get a run to Temple of Ages and from there (with a party of 8 btw) u can head west into the Talmark Wilderness and into Majesty's Rest and from there continue west into the rest of the Maguuma Jungle
[GETTING TO NICK] This is also the way u should go to actually get your gifts, leave from Temple of Ages and go into Talmark Wilderness and then into Majesty's rest, Its easier, simpler and u have 2 more npc's with u to act as canon fodder if u are just going to run to Nick

Thorn Devourer [Ranger Level 17 (NM)]
Skills (0 Marksmanship): Power Shot, Storm Chaser
Armor rating: 71 (vs. ALL Elemental and Weapon types)
Items dropped: Chitin Fragments, Monstrous Claw, Thorny Carapace
Notes: Their attacks have longbow range

Fevered Devourer [Necromancer 17 (NM)]  .
Skills (9 Death Magic): Deathly Chill, Enfeebling Blood
Armor rating: 54 (vs. ALL Elemental and Weapon types)
Items dropped: Chitin Fragments, Monstrous Claw, Thorny Carapace
Notes: They will lead their attacks by applying weakness to the enemies before moving in with close-range melee attacks

Thorn Devourer Drone [Ranger Level 14 (NM)]
Skills: (0 [?] Marksmanship)Power Shot, Storm Chaser
Armor rating: 63 (vs. ALL Elemental and Weapon types)
Items dropped: Monstrous Claw, Thorny Carapace
Notes: Does not spawn in Dry Top or in Majesty's Rest

Majesty's Rest
Don't bother to farm them here, just don't bother, unless.... unless u just need to map the area for your cartographer title

Dry Top
Dry Top is a little piss ant area between Ettin's Back and Tangle Root, which means u have to get there before u can do shit, and unless u are moving in there to continue the farm from Ettin's Back or to rezone, why the fuck would u bother to go there? You wouldn't,  Smile so just pretend, it doesn't exist and use one of the other areas. If u say "no, no, no, it exists here is what u have to contend with, some Devourers, some Thorn Stalkers, some Root Behemoths, all of which actually drop shit the Traveler will need later, though only one of which drops what u need now.
NO, in short, why the fuck are u here?

Ettin's Back
The first foes u encounter are Maguuma Centaurs(warriors, rangers and priests), going south u will have much of the same + a pop-up group of Devourers. If u take that short north path from there (after going south to reach it) then head east, it's mainly Devourers, a few Thorn Stalkers (who drop Tangled Seeds, another item dip-shit Nick will ask for later) as well. You can head into Dry Top from here if u like. This area isnt so much a NO as it is a "why bother to things the hard way" area. If u do farm here and want to follow thru into Dry Top, read the section above on Dry Top. Synopsis of this area (including into Dry Top): Maybe. After all, it is your time Smile

Sage Lands
This is where u should be farming the Carapaces at. First off, u get to see and kill Devourers right away, and depending on how u want to do it, or i should say how completely u want to clear this area it's a fast farm, and there is cash to be made by doing it if u are inclined.
The farm goes like this here: leave from Druid's Overlook and head north. You will get 2-3 Devour groups (remember they are all pop-ups) here before u change direction here. When u get to the SECOND split in the road head east (when u hit the eastern split later, go left, areas that are 'green' don't have Devourers in them, stick to the 'tan/brown' areas) until u reach the Devourer boss (Euhh Snickersnak), and that is the end of the 'fast farm' option, but to be serious there really are devourers all over this place. YES, farm away Smile

Aurora Glade (Mission)
There are no Devourers here when u start this mission, its generally Maguuma Spiders and Trolls which u dont need to farm (however, there are actually 4 types of troll tusks as well as Maguuma webs that the traveler will ask for eventually, note to self and everyone else), so this area=NO

Bloodstone Fen (Mission)
At start its mainly Thorn Stalkers, which drop Tangled seeds, which u will also nee for the doesnt fucking help u now. Thus this farming the Carapaces in this mission is also a NO

In case u were interested in knowing , I (ofc and as always if i can) used a SoS solo build to do this farm.
The SoS solo build i used was:
>Painful Bond
>Blood Song (always use this if its a choice between it and Pain, since it is a self-heal spirit)
>Signet of Spirits
>Shadow Song (after all, u cant hit what u cant see)
>Armor of Unfeeling (use with any SoS solo farm vs anything above level 10)
>Spirit Light (u wont need it much but its nice to have, and none of them use conditions [except for weakness] on u so its a better choice over Mend Body and Soul)
>Summon Spirits (use Luxon or Kurzick skill, whichever u have the higher rank in)

And that's all I have for this week,
Good Luck and Good Farming,

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Thorny Carapace
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