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 Charr Hide

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Boss Crab

PostSubject: Charr Hide   3/12/2012, 5:40 pm

This is an easy one
real easy.
Leave from Grendich Courthouse in the Prophecies campaign and just run around the Diessa Lowlands killing any Charr u see until u get the 5 Hides u need, its that simple, there are Charr all over the place there.
You can also leave from Piken Square into The Breach, the Traveler is in The Breach anyway, and there are a good amount of Charr there in any event.

You can use whatever character and build that u want, they are all low-level and arent a challenge whatsoever.

NOTE: when u are killing Charr u can get extra adrenaline, energy and armor by displaying your Ebon Vanguard title.

The Charr here will also drop Charr Carvings (the normal kind, not the Superb ones), save these as the Traveler will want them as well sooner or later.

And that's all i think i really need to say about Charr Hides.
Good Luck
Have Fun
and Good Farming,

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Charr Hide
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