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 Weapon/Shield Maximum Damage/Armor/Mods

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Boss Crab

PostSubject: Weapon/Shield Maximum Damage/Armor/Mods    2/18/2012, 2:36 am

>Sword 12-16 (Anything above 10-14 is considered rare)
>Axe 7-19 (Anything above 6-16 is very uncommon)
>Hammer 15-25 (Hammers are good for event item farming).
>Bow 12-20 (11-18+ bows are quite valuable)
>Staff* 10-16 (10-16 is almost unheard of, but has been observed to drop)
>Wand 10-16 (10-16 is almost unheard of, but has been observed to drop)
(*Note about Staves: These weapons also come with a Halves Skill Recharge(HSR) (spells) inherent mod that maxes at (18% chance) in presearing)


Base Armor 12 armor (12 is very rare)
+ Armor vs. <Species> +9 armour (+ armor vs. Charr and Undead (for Vanguard Quests) are the only real useful mods.
+ Armor vs. <Dmg Type> +9 armour  Fire, Cold, Earth, Air, Slashing, Piercing, Blunt.
+ Health (unconditional) +26 hp (More than 25hp is very rare)
+ Health while stanced +43hp
+ Health while enchanted 43hp  
+ Health while hexed +58hp
-x Physical Dmg Received [while in a stance] -2
-x Physical Dmg Received [while enchanted] -2
-x Physical Dmg Received [while hexed] -3
-x Received Physical Damage [Chance xx%] -5 Received Physical Damage [Chance 18%] (This mod has 2 variables, and ranges from -3 [%chance] to -5 [%chance])

Staff / Focus Energy
>Staff 8 (Not inclusive of + energy mods)
>Focus 9 (Not inclusive of + energy mods)

>While Hexed 18%
>Under 50% hp 18%  
>Over 50% hp 14%
>While in a Stance 14% (Good if using Frenzy)
>While Enchanted 14%
>Vs Hexed foes 14%

Caster Inscriptions
>HCT Half Cast Time [Spells] 9% chance [staff/wand]
>HCT Half Cast Time [set attribute] 18% chance [staff/wand/offhand]
>HST Half Skill Recharge [Spells] 9% chance [offhand only]
>HST Half Skill Recharge [set attribute] 18% chance [offhand only]
+xx energy, -1 energy regeneration +14 energy -1 energy regeneration [wand/offhand only]
+x energy while enchanted +4 energy [wand only]
+x energy while hexed +4 energy [wand only]
+x energy while health is above 50% +4 energy [wand only]
+x energy while health is below 50% +4 energy [wand only]

Prefix Mods
>Furious 9% chance [sword/axe/hammer/bow]
>Sundering +20% armor penetration 18% chance [sword/axe/hammer/bow]
>Insightful +5 energy  [staff only]
>Hale +26hp [staff only]
>Defensive +5 armor [staff only]

Suffix Mods
-Enchanting 18% longer
-Shelter +7 vs physical
-Warding +7 vs Elemental damage
-Defense +5 armor
-Weapon mastery +1 18% chance
-Fortitude +28
-Of Species(slaying) +18% vs Species

>Shield Armor Level 8
>Focus +6 energy
>Bow 9-14 dmg
>Axe 6-12 dmg
>Sword 8-10 dmg
>Hammer 11-15 dmg
>Staff/Wand 8-12 dmg

Additional USEFUL Mods:
>Fiery (Sword/Axe/Hammer/Bow) (vs Ice Elementals & Plant Creatures)
>Barbed (with Warrior skill)
>Cruel (with Warrior skill)

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Weapon/Shield Maximum Damage/Armor/Mods
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