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 Stone Grawl Necklace

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PostSubject: Stone Grawl Necklace   2/14/2012, 3:38 am

it could be worse  Razz

The Grawl that drop these are in the Eye of the North campaign, and then they are only present in Sacnoth Valley (though they can also be found during the quest "Be Very, Very Quiet..." in the Grothmar Wardowns)

MONSTER SKILL:Blood Rage (for 15 seconds, attack 25% faster and deal 25% more damage with attacks, but cannot use non-attack skills). NOTE that this skill can be reused immediately, rather than every 30 seconds as the skill denotes

Champion- (Armor ratings=111 vs Weapon types, 91 vs Elemental damage)
   >Battle Rage (elite)
   >Mighty Blow
   >Mokele Smash
   >Overbearing Smash
   >Staggering Blow
   >Blood Rage (monster skill)
Other than the fact that they can do massive damage to u in a single hit, they dont do much. They do not have a knock down skill which would allow them to activate the additional effect of Overbearing Smash (Daze). Also, being under the effects of Blood Rage lowers their armor rating against blunt damage from 111 to 81

Demagogue- (Armor ratings=91 vs Weapon types and Elemental damage)
>"Brace Yourself!"
>"Go for the Eyes!"
>Aggressive Refrain
>Anthem of Envy
>Focused Anger (elite)
>Song of Concentration
>Blood Rage (monster skill)
Mailny a buff Paragon. Unlike most Paragons, Grawl Demagogues are melee attackers.

Dark Priest- (Armor ratings=71 vs Weapon Types and Elemental damage)
(11 Restoration Magic)
  >Boon of Creation
   >Mend Body and Soul
   >Preservation Preservation (elite)
   >Rupture Soul
   >Spirit Transfer
These little healing bastards can make killing the Grawl Champions a serious pain in the ass. Also, they carry a resurrection skill (Restoration), see below (player 2, under team builds) for ideas on how to best counter this

Getting There
You have to run through the Dalada Uplands to get to Sacnoth Valley (well, to get to the area in Sacnoth Valley where there are Grawl anyway), this isnt to difficult, just run (u dont need an IMS or need to bother with fighting) east after exiting Doomlore Shrine until u reach the farthest eastern shrine, then head south along the road in between the southern shrines to the gate.

Farming Route
Once u enter Sacnoth Valley from Dalada Uplands u will find small to medium sized parties of Grawl mixed in with medium-sized parties of Tumbled Elementals and Charr (remember to put on ur Ebon Vanguard title vs Charr). Head south, and in between the gate and the "Flaming Forest" u will find several groups. If u meander around a bit to the east and west in the central part of this area u will get a few more groups, then just rezone and repeat. If u are going to "try" to solo this area (not recommended, but its ur time to kill, Laughing ) then this is probably ur best bet.
If u intend to do a full run, then once u reach the "Flaming Forest"  after clearing the Grawl in between it and the gate, go west. Here u will get the same assortment of small to medium sized parties, however u will also get 2 HUGE groups, each with their own boss (Cobleri Arronn, a warrior, and Fozzy Yeoryios, a ritualist), all u really have to do here to find Grawl to kill is move  Twisted Evil , ofc, the same is true with the Tumled Elementals in this area  Evil or Very Mad , which sucks because they tend to get in the way.
If u are planning on a full run alone with heroes u will likely need a hero party of 4-7 heroes as there is ALOT of healing coming from the Grawl Ritualists and it becomes easy to over-aggro the other Grawl and/or the Tumbled Elementals in the area.
The other option here is to use a team build, which is what we did, a two-person team. With this, u and another player(s) farm them together and split the drops (or whatever arrangement u have with ur teamate).
We did one full run and got 26 necklaces (12 and 14 respectively)

Here is the Two-Person Team Build set we used:
(NOTE that the PvE-Only skills we are using are all at their max level; Vampirism, Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support, Summon Spirits, Summon Ruby Djinn)

Player 1 (Any/Ritualist)
>signet of spirits (elite)
>gaze of fury
>painful bond
>essence strike
>ebon vanguard assassin support
>renewing surge
>summon spirits
Player 1's attribute points are max in Channeling, with the remaining points being useless except for attributes like Spawning Power, Expertise or Energy Storage

Player 2 (Ranger/Ritualist)
>ebon vanguard assassin support
>summon ruby djinn
>armor of unfeeling
>spirit light
>frozen soil*
Player 2's attribute points are max in Communing, with the remaining points being used for Expertise (at least a score of 10 to help offset the cost of ur Binding Rituals) and a few points spent each in Restoration Magic and Wilderness Survival
*A special NOTE about this spell vs the resurrection spirit (Restoration): If the Restoration spirit exists prior to the existence of the Frozen Soil spirit it will still resurrect dead foes when the spirit dies, however, while the Frozen Soil spirit is in effect the Restoration binding ritual cannot be cast

(Also NOTE that Ritualist can be the primary profession in either of these two builds obviously)

And that's about all i have for this week.
Good Luck/Have Fun,

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Stone Grawl Necklace
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