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 Sentient SEED

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PostSubject: Sentient SEED   Sentient SEED I_icon_minitime2/8/2012, 8:48 pm

As i listed these are not the Sentient Spores that drop from Iboga later in NF, the Seeds drop from low level Iboga in Istan.

The best area to farm them is just outside Blacktide Den in Fahranur, The First City.
There are 6-7 groups of Fanged Ibogas and Stormseed Jacarandas there.
Basically u can use whatever build u want to farm the seeds, assuming u are level 20.
They like to cast slow hexes on u, so u may want to bring an IMS skill, to offset this.
Just stay along the southern edge, if u start seeing Skale or Undead, u have gone to far and that is all the Ibogas in that area.
Right after u leave Blacktide Den just hit up that circular area (which will be in green, not brown, on ur mission/world maps)
that is right there as soon as u exit, then head south along the southern edge, when u reach a "dead end" the Ibogas and Stormseed Jacarandas there are ur last foes.
You will get about 5-7 per run, and a run takes about 10 minutes at most (which will depend primarily on the IMS you brought, if any).

For my part I used an elementalist (fire, can u say.... duh..duh..double damage)
Here's that build, its an alteration of the feather farm build I have listed here on this forum under Farming (General):
1 Fire Attunement
2 Aura of Restoration
3 Intensity (Sunspear skill)
4 Starburst (elite)
5 Flame Burst
6 Inferno
7 Drunken Master (Deldrimor skill)
8 "Feel No Pain" (Norn Skill)
And yes, I used this build with Alcohol.
You will want the extra speed boost from it when used with the Deldrimor skill and in addition to a health regeneration bonus, the extra health from the norn skill applies itself when used with booze as well.
That is IF u decide to use this build,
WHICH I recommend  Surprised

Thats it.

Good luck & have fun,

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Sentient SEED
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