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 the 5 minute Tanakai Temple Vanquish

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the 5 minute Tanakai Temple Vanquish Empty
PostSubject: the 5 minute Tanakai Temple Vanquish   the 5 minute Tanakai Temple Vanquish I_icon_minitime5/5/2011, 10:47 pm

For those of u going for the Canthan Vanquisher title track there is a trick that can be used to vanquish the Tanakai Temple area by only having to kill 2 foes, here's how it works;
IF A PARTICULAR CHARACTER has just completed the Tanakai Temple mission FOR THE FIRST TIME (most likely this will be in NM) they will get the quest 'A meeting with the Emperor' from the Emperor's Voice directly after the mission.
If they have finished Factions on another character on the same account and the character that just completed the mission is level 20 they can do Hard Mode and thus can VANQUISH.
So BEFORE actually going to meet the Emperor switch to Hard Mode, then see if any alliance members want to go with u for this over just doing it with heroes and henchmen-NOTE; EACH CHARACTER ON YOUR ACCOUNT CAN ONLY EVER USE THIS TRICK ONCE-so if u are going to help out other alliance members with this trick or just friends, keep that in mind. Also if there were more than one of u that have just completed the mission for the 1st time as described above, break into separate groups and use this trick so more of your friends and allies can benefit from it.
Then take your party and go meet with the emperor in the Tanakai Temple explorable area after you meet with him DO NOT MAP OUT, if u do the trick will not work for you if you enter the area a second time at a later date.
Then move through the temple area trying to head north, eventually you will see 2 red blips on your game map, 2 Temple Guardians, they are all you need to kill to get credit for vanquishing the entire area.
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the 5 minute Tanakai Temple Vanquish
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