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 HM Granite Farming - Warrior Style

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HM Granite Farming - Warrior Style Empty
PostSubject: HM Granite Farming - Warrior Style   HM Granite Farming - Warrior Style I_icon_minitime10/10/2011, 12:13 pm

Equipment: Max Armor (with Tactics Helm) with all Knight's Insignias, Superior Rune of Vigor, 2 Rune of Vitae, Rune of Superior Tactics, Rune of Minor Swordsmanship. Sword with +5 EN mod "I have the power".

Attributes as follows: Tactics 12 (16), Swordsmanship 9 (10), and Strength 9.

HM Granite Farming - Warrior Style GraniteFarmingSkills
These are the skills I use and an explanation of their use:

Gladiator's Defense (Used for initial defense against groups of the Stone Elementals)
Deadly Riposte (Used for initial defense against groups of the Stone Elementals)
Riposte (Used most common, use whenever enough adrenaline is available)
Whirlwind Attack (Used for close proximity/large group damage)
Dolyak Signet (Used with Healing Signet while Gladiator's Defense is down)
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support (Used for initial defense against Elementals)
Dwarven Stability (Extends the duration of Gladiator's Defense)
Healing Signet (Used for healing, best to use before getting below 200hp if possible)

Place to farm is right outside of Sardelac Sanitarium on Hard Mode.
The Map:

HM Granite Farming - Warrior Style GraniteFarmingMap
Point "A" marks the starting point from Sardelac Sanitarium. Point "B" marks the point in which the player may encounter Crown of Thorns (avoid if possible).

How To: Gather groups of four or more Hulking Stone Elementals (for larger groups, constant healing may be necessary). Use Dwarven Stability, Gladiator's Defense, Deadly Riposte, Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support. Use Riposte and Whirlwind Attack as they are available. Use Dolyak Signet when Gladiator's Defense is down. Heal as necessary (best to try to stay above 200hp). Repeat with Dwarven Stability, Gladiator's Defense, Ripost, Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support and Whirlwind Attack until mob is dead. Continued use of Deadly Riposte could leave you short on EN.

Cobble Poundstone: Same technique except start by attacking and healing. When Cobble Poundstone is at 3/4 health, apply the basic farming technique. The helps delay most of the damage to be done before he can heal.

Flint Touchstone: Aggro, when he casts "Eruption" back out of range. When he casts Ward Against Melee, again back out of range. Then apply the basic farming technique.

Shatter Gargoyles: If attacked by these while farming granite, focus on healing whenever the signet is available. Once the Hulking Stone Elementals are dead, then use basic attack, Whirlwind Attack and Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support on the gargoyle.

Avoid the following: Flash Gargoyles, Grawl Ulodytes and Crown of Thorns.

Rewards: Granite, Charcoal, Gold Unids, Warrior Tomes.
Rare Rewards: Rubies and Elite Warrior Tomes.
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HM Granite Farming - Warrior Style
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